Friday, 4 January 2013

Shell vs Cool Bone

I went into town recently for my quarterly Estee Lauder Double Wear replacement run. So I approached the counter with confidence and asked for my usual shade. Much to my complete horror, the girl uttered those words you never want to hear "Shell is a shade that is no longer". To say I was gutted is an understatement. Any one who has used Double wear will know how great its coverage is, and in my opinion there is no other foundation that really compares to it. On top of coverage, it was seemingly the only foundation that catered to us celtic (read: ghostly) skinned ladies. So with a deflated heart and a handful of testers, off I went, dragging my feet behind me.

shell vs cool bone estee lauder double wear

I have learnt now that they are actually bringing Shell back due to the volume of complaints, but it is yet unknown when this might be. Among the testers there was a supposed replacement shade for Shell called Cool Bone, it even had the same code (1C1 - which means its the lightest shade, with pink under tones). I tried it out for several days and while it isn't bad, it just isn't the same. It is alot peachier than what shell was, and a lot more noticeable along my jaw line. Of course it all depends on your own skin tones, but if you were previously matched to Shell, you might find similar disappointment in Cool Bone as I did. As for the other light shades I was given, Ecru and Ivory Nude, they were more yellow toned, which is the main problem I find with other brands - making Shell the god send that it was.

I spent a good hour going around Debenhams trying out lots of brands, but none offer the same coverage as Double Wear, and most/all the lighter shades were yellow toned. So this really just leaves me hanging in wait for the return of Shell, which by the sounds of things will be taking its time to return.

Any pale skinned ladies got any fab finds? Foundation or other? I would love to know!

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  1. I was disappointed to find out that they disocuntinued this too!! So glad they're bringing it back though! I've only recently discovered double wear and I thought my journey would be short lived. I do like bobbi brown- they matched me to porcelain which is shade number 0 (the woes of being pale, thanks for the pale irish skin mum and dad!!) maybe give them a try? :) xoxo


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