Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!

Although I spent ringing in the new year in a slightly different manner to previous years (bed ridden with the dreaded bug that's been doing the rounds), I still embarked on the same journey of what 2012 was to me, and what 2013 may be. I think its only natural to take a quick look back and recap, and at the same time look forward and try to assess what the future holds. 

2012 Recapped

  • Made a debut onto radio, which also teamed up with being my first paid journalism related work. Something I never seen myself doing, and I am extremely proud of myself for grabbing the opportunity and running with it.
  • Continued to write and get published for several publications.
  • Bagged some interviews with bands and had them published.
  • Went for 2 Journalism job interviews, didn't get the job(s) but was very pleased to get to interview stage.
  • Went to some truly amazing gigs! The stand out ones being General Fiasco, Snow Patrol, and Blink 182 took the prize!
  • Quit my full time role as a nanny and went part to allow me to pursue other things.
  • Booked another trip to NYC for 2013.
  • Started to write 3 of my novels.
  • Started ViaBloomfield Boutique and enjoyed watching it lift off the ground. Overwhelmed and delighted by its success.
  • Started an internship at Irelands Homes Interiors& Living Magazine, and absolutely love it.
All in all, I am pleased with my little achievements in 2012, its been a fantastic,life changing year in ways. I have big hopes for 2013!

2013, the plans!

  • Continue my internship at IHIL magazine for as long as possible.
  • Get some-what fitter and healthier, shed a few of those extra pounds, and feel all round better about myself.
  • Get back on to the radio, and bag some more interviews.
  • Complete my Diploma!
  • Go back to NYC and have the time of our lives.
  • Move house, and make a home with Chris.
  • Make significant progress in at least one of my books.
  • Bag myself a full-time job in journalism.
  • Watch ViaBloomfield grow some more.
  • Make lots of happy memories.

Wishing you all a happy and ambitious 2013, hoping all your dreams and expectations come true!

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  1. It's so much fun looking back at all the fun things from last year! Really great post! I hope 2013 is even better for you!


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