Monday, 29 October 2012


So I recently finished the HBO series Girls, dubbed to be 'Sex and the City' for the younger generation. Four  20-something girls, living, working and falling in and out of love, in New York City. I got through all 10 episodes of the first season in a day (shamelessly) and it is actually fab.

Comparisons to SATC are completely relevant. From small details like Mr Big calling Carrie kid, to the more obvious comparisons. But its also different. Its more, if-Carrie-had-a-normal-girls-budget. I fear to admit that I can completely see parts of myself in the shows main character, Hannah - played by creator and writer Lena Dunham. Its slightly refreshing in the sense that the characters, while slightly eccentric, are relatable.

If your into girly, NYC based shows, then its worth a watch. I think I'm a bit tardy to the party on this one, but I'm looking forward to season 2 in January.

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