Sunday, 28 October 2012

I'm back!

It has been a long blogging hiatus for me and I have to say, I have missed it so! After a lot of basic coding, and very minimalistic "graphic design" I now have a prettier platform to share my thoughts from. I hope the blogosphere will welcome me back with open arms, and in return I won't abandon it.

I plan to introduce a few features to the blog, but as well as that it will just be me, sharing the things I love, or have a second thought about.

To celebrate the return of ViaBloomfield I will be holding a Competition for all my lovely readers. I will share more info on that very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Its been a long time since I shared with you, so a little up-date is due, to kick this relaunch off the ground. I have recently reduced my hours from full-time to part time as a Nanny to 6 lovely children. It was a brave move to make in the current economical climate our country is facing. I know a full time job is hard to come by, but I felt it was something I needed to do to allow me to focus on other priorities. These priorities being my pursue of a career in Journalism. I am right in the middle of my distance learning course and continue to look for any opportunity that will get me more experience.

Having a little more time to focus on things also gave me the inspiration to finally open my own online shop. Crafting has always been a passion but I found I rarely had time to even think about creating anything, never mind completing a project. It has been such an exciting experience, from setting up the shop to having people put faith in my hands to create something they will treasure. I have been focusing on shoe design, but I plan on expanding my products in to other areas. I hope you will have a little peek, you can find it over at ViaBloomfield Boutique.

That's about enough of me for now! How have you all been?

I hope everyone is having a great Halloween weekend!

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